The future generation of the Volkswagen CC is now returning into our attention with the help of two new renderings, which have been based on the C Coupe GTE Concept.

In case you are interested in the future Volkswagen CC, you should be in for a big wait because the car manufacturer has no plans of offering it by the end of this year. The model in question will be sharing the same architecture with the new Volkswagen Passat generation, which has been recently named Car of the Year, but it will be coming with the familiar sloping roofline and some tweaks made to the suspension system and the cabin.

According to recent reports, the new Volkswagen CC will be stretched by 4 inches (101 mm) compared to the standard version of the Passat and the trunk opening of the current variant is said to be replaced by a liftgate. This basically means that from a four-door coupe, the new CC will be transformed into a 5-door coupe and even if this may not suit the needs of most people, it will become a more practical car. In terms of engine lineup, the same units from the Volkswagen Passat’s new generation will be added to the model. Because of the high import costs and unfavorable exchange rates, rumor has it that the U.S.-spec version o the model will be assembled in either the United States or Mexico. The new VW CC is believed to come out next year but this still remains to be confirmed.

Image Source: DesignRM

Rendered - Next-gen Volkswagen CC 1

Rendered - Next-gen Volkswagen CC 2


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