The German automaker has recently introduced the BMW Compact Sedan Concept during the Guangzhou Auto Show in China and now we already have a render courtesy of X-Tomi Design depicting the probable look of the series model.

Next year we should see the 1 or 2 Series sedan out in the open officially – most likely during the Geneva Motor Show in March but before that happens we might let imagination take hold. X-Tomi Design has taken the toned down approach and stripped the concept of its fancier elements, revealing a clean design that could actually be very close to reality. BMW is preparing a fighter to go against the Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3 Sedan, both models that have enjoyed great sales once they reached the wide audience – mostly because they have taken the premium brands downmarket and allowed a new range of clients to purchase them.

The smallest sedan coming from BMW might have its initial release in China, where buyers are always ready to snatch premium sedans especially if they come with a lower than usual starting price. We do believe the model could also have a great future in the US and Europe, so we should get our hopes up for a wider release as well. But one thing you shouldn’t root for – a traditional rear-wheel drive setup – the new sedan will most likely make use of the new front-wheel drive UKL platform used by the new X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer / Gran Tourer. We do believe an AWD layout could be in store, to go with the higher powered engines.

Via X-Tomi Design


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