RENNtech takes the Mercedes-AMG GT S to 716 hp image

The German tuning specialist RENNtech has taken the wraps off its latest tailor-made program, which focused on the Mercedes-AMG GT S.

The aftermarket wizards have bestowed additional power and other mechanical updates upon the AMG GT S, presenting us a mighty accomplishment that will entice our petrolhead glands just enough to make us drool for the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT-R. The tuner has thus taken the most powerful version – the S – and massaged it for more power. The RENNtech stage 1 turbo pack for the 4.0-liter V8 engine comes sporting newly developed lightweight billet compressor wheels and larger impellers, precision CNC-machined compressor housings that are also tested for compensating the increased the larger impeller size. The optionally available R1 Performance Package comes to the party with high-flow air filters and stainless steel downpipes with 200-cell catalytic converters.

Thanks to all those bells and whistles, the V8 mill now comes packing another 180 horsepower (134 kilowatts) and 161 pound-feet (218 Newton meters) of torque, for an enormous total of 716 hp (534 kW) and 656 lb-ft (888 Nm). The shenanigans are available for $11,880 and will also include a customized ECU. No performance specs have been revealed but we can safely assume the regular 60 mph (96 km/h) run will go down seriously from the current 3.7 seconds. RENNtech also ads a fully adjustable four-corner coilover suspension kit with up to 1.5-inch of down travel at both axles. This one is a mere $1,980 and comes to increase handling without actually affecting comfort.