Rental Companies Don’t Have Enough Cars for Thanksgiving image

Hurricane Sandy has created a shortage for renting car companies, which have to find solutions to deal with the numerous customers before Thanksgiving.

The storm has destroyed thousands of vehicles leaving car rental companies in difficulty amid rising demand before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore people who want to rent a car for Thanksgiving might not find one or might find only a hefty premium. Tadd Rosenfeld, who is flying to New York today, said he managed to find a car at U-Save, but it is $350 a day, more than his plane ticket from Florida. He said that he is seriously considering renting a moving truck.

“Showing up to Thanksgiving in a U-Haul is worse than showing up with an escort. But at $19 a day, it’s tempting,” says Rosenfeld, CEO of, an outsourcing company based in Miami.

A solution to this problem was to bring cars from other parts of the country and also to keep the older models, which they would have normally sold to used-car dealers. Thousands of cars were flooded during the storm or destroyed by falling trees, and until they will be repaired or replaced, rental companies have to manage with what they have.