Ford’s recent vehicle, Ford Fusion Hybrid is in news regarding its fuel economy. As estimated its EPA to make 41 miles per gallon in city, the mid-size sedan is considered a little bulky so offers relatively better performance.

However, Ford has come up with a new way to enhance the fuel economy of the Fusion Hybrid by almost 15 percent. According to a source, the new 2013 Fusion Hybrid will experience either 47 or 48 mpg in city. Besides, this new car has already started mounting up the fuel economy just as Ford has planned.

Well, though their website does not give any sort of indication about what exactly Ford has done to meet these elevated numbers, but at least we have been updated that both the versions – 2013 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid will get complete new touch from the ground up. As far as the production is concerned, the car will start seeing life from January 2012. The car will feature new CD4 platform from Ford, which will help getting more attention.

Ford has high expectations concerning the sales of this new mid-size ‘World car’. If all the details are precise then we must expect that Ford is about to rely on a 50 percent sales increase for its Fusion models which will be sold in North America. Translating into unit sales, around 30,000 Fusion models will be sold each month.

We are still unclear about the exact number of hybrids which Ford has planned to produce, but we suppose that the automaker will have no issues to find buyers for its mid-size sedan which attains 47 or 48 mpg in the city.

By Sunita Mandal



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