Report: 2013 SUV’s that are comming image

Even if the auto industry was on a deep decline these years, the R&D departments of the major automakers were doing researches for new SUV’s.

For 2013 many of the Germans, American and Asians automakers will present new SUV’s. Inautonews presents a full coverage of what will be revealed for 2013.

Starting with the Germans, Audi will present for 2011 the new Q3 – the little brother of the Q5 – a little SUV based on a completely new drive train. Also, in 2013 is coming the new Q7.

Porsche has launched in May 2010, the second-generation Cayenne. By the end of 2014/2015, a baby Cayenne will follow, which may carry the name Roxster / Cajun.

Mercedes: next-generation ML-Class comes in June 2011, while the big brother, the new GL-Class will be unveiled in 2012. That’s not all. The premium automaker will come with an entry-level SUV named Mercedes BLK early in 2013, as an Audi Q3 competitor.
Moreover, Mercedes prepares for 2014 the GLC – a small coupe SUV. The Mercedes GLC will be built on the same front-wheel drive architecture that features transversely-mounted engines as found in the next A and B-Classes. Codenamed the X156, the GLC will measure 4.40-meters.

Ford, Opel, and VW
Ford is waiting for 2011 with a slight face-lift of the Kuga compact SUV. In US, the fifth generation of the great Ford Explorer is coming. On the same time, Opel prepares a face-lift of the 2011 Korean-produced Antara and for 2012, a little brother Corsa-based.

Sure, the market leader in Germany and Europe, Volkswagen will not stay on a death line. VW presents in 2011 the face-lifted Tiguan – the top “dog” in the compact SUV segment.
In 2013, the North Germans may also bring a little “Tiguan” SUV on the market, an SUV based on a Suzuki platform.
Skoda, will not come with something very special – the automaker will unveil the Skoda Yeti Maxi. Yeti Maxi will be a 30 inch stretched version of the current Yeti, 4.20-meter-long compact SUV that would be almost as long as an Tiguan, but would get space for a third row of seats. In addition for 2012 Skoda plans an facelift for the actual Yeti.

JEEP and Land Rover
Jeep brings in 2011 revision to the Wranglers and to the new Grand Cherokee – the first time with a diesel made in Italy.
Land Rover presents for 2011 optical facelift’s for its entry-level Freelander and comes on the market with the brand new Range Rover Evoque.

From Asia, a number of new off-roaders are expected: Kia brings in August 2011, the new Sportage – a sister model of the Hyundai ix35. Nissan unveiled for 2011 the new small crossover Juke.

Saab comes with its first SUV, Volvo has a strong need for renovation
The Swedes built SUV – Saab will start finally in the first half of 2011 the delivery of the Saab 9-4X Crossover SUV, which will be produced in Mexico. Volvo – well I think we all expect an new XC90. Since its market launch in the year 2002/03 the Swedish SUV has received only one small facelift in June 2006. A new generation is expected.

SUV’s from Lamborghini and Aston Martin?
In Italy there are rumors about an Lambo SUV. Anyway – Lamborghini CEO denied these rumors. Instead building an SUV, the super-car maker Lamborghini will focus on building an 4 door coupe that will be positioned against the Porsche Panamera – and against the Aston Martin Rapide. The Britihish luxurious car-maker Aston Martin. may also build the Lagonda somewhere in 2012. The luxury utility is slated to ride on the Mercedes-Benz GL platform, but the company is keeping drive-train details to itself for the time being.