Report – 2017 Chevrolet SS could pack the better LSA engine image

The large sedan is currently ready to enter its final model year of the current generation, and speculation is already arising that it’s in for a major engine treat.

The big saloon could get the LSA supercharged engine for the final model year if the rumors prove true – even though the 2017 model year will be the end of the road for the current Chevrolet SS. And the reports about its big send off come from far away Australia – where the model is built next to the Holden VF Commodore. Apparently the model is going to pack the supercharged LSA engine in its final model year. This wouldn’t actually be a surprise or a technically impossible feat – since the Commdore-based HSV Clubsport R8 and Vauxhall VXR8 GTS are already both using the LSA heart. Inside these models the LSA delivers about 580 horsepower, which is a huge jump from the 415 HP the SS usually has.

General Motors, which has decided to retreat its manufacturing presence from Australia, is also placing into retirement the Zeta platform that the Commodore and its versions – such as the SS – are using for the 2017 model year. The closing of the assembly facilities of Australia’s Holden also mark a sad moment in history – since the Australian brand had a history of more than a century. The Commodore is expected to gain a new generation – though it will switch to a front-wheel drive and AWD platform in the process.

Via GM Authority

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    If they keep the price at 50K it will be a bargain.I want one