Report – 2017 Ford Focus Electric getting range increase image

The 2017 model year for the US-spec Ford Focus Electric includes an important perk – an increase in the car’s operating range thanks to the deployment of a larger 33.5 kWh battery pack.

The updated Ford Focus Electric will reach the United States soon with better range, a larger capacity battery and DC fast-charging becoming standard. The 2017 model year makes do without the current evolution of the battery that has a 23 kWh capacity and massively increases it to 33.5 kWh for an EPA range increase of 39 miles to a total of 115. The company is on its towards developing a new family of green focused models – something in the line of the Ioniq range from Hyundai – which is when the company is rumored to offer beefier batteries and range.

For now, it’s actually short of the Ioniq for example – which has a 124-miles range and the best efficiency according to the EPA – and we shouldn’t even start discussing the Chevrolet Bolt with its massive 238-mile range. Even European counterparts fare better – for example the new Renault Zoe ZE 40 will travel for at least 186 miles in real world conditions. The Focus Electric will have the same 107kW electric motor and it appears that stylistic changes are also not accounted for.

Via Electrek