Report – 2017 Ford Focus RS500 delivering even more raw power image

The Ford Focus RS is the hot hatch star of the segment currently, but diehard fans are actually eagerly awaiting for another installment of the series – the RS500.

According to the latest rumors flying off the mill, the new high-performance installment of the already high performance vehicle is just a step away from receiving final approval and when all is said and done the reveal would come pretty fast – the spring of 2017. Apparently, the RS500, a limited edition series of the regular RS, is already being developed in Germany and fits in the Ford Performance bill of 12 high-performance models arriving before the turn of the decade. The final decision is actually right now hooked on small technicalities – how to add the 500-units run to the already choked factory in Cologne and making sure it will have a successful business case.

The model is expected to keep up the livelihood of the third generation Focus, due to enter the final stages before the introduction of the upcoming fourth generation. Technical and other juicy specifications are not really up for grabs on the rumor mill plateau, but we can be sure there will be some form of the “trademark” vents of the original RS500. Back then, the model came out with a 15 percent improvement over the RS power – which is actually today the standard power for the regular version. So, if the pattern holds, we might expect the new RS500 to pack around 400 horsepower.

Via Autocar