Report – 2018 BMW i8 facelift to arrive with increased power image

The Bavarian automaker is expected to come up with a raft of updates for its green flagship – the i8 – among them being the introduction of the facelifted version and the roadster variant.

While BMW is finishing the last-minute nip and tuck for the open top i8, which has been rumored for ages and is finally arriving on the market in 2018, it’s also diligently at work to also bring the coupe through a refresh process. According to the latest report on the subject, the standard hybrid car will get major improvements – though they won’t make a first impression since the design is actually the least tweaked. The styling is only getting modest revisions – a few new touches are expected for the bumpers and it should also arrive with new headlights with LED technology. The cockpit should feature the latest version of the iDrive infotainment system, complete with new software and gesture controls.

The major breakthrough is under the metal, where the hybrid powertrain is reportedly getting a major overhaul. The new version should be on par with the M3/M4 by delivering a total system output of 420 horsepower (313 kilowatts), which is around 10 percent more than today. The roadster meanwhile should arrive with all of the coupe’s enhancements, so this means it will directly feature the new powertrain version.

Via Autocar