Report – 2018 Mazda3 coming with HCCI engine, a plug-less design image

The Japanese automaker is one of the smallest global players – but one of the best example of great business making – since it survives in the “jungle” without help from any automotive group.

Mazda can be described as a nutshell in a vast ocean when it comes to the global automotive industry, yet somehow the Japanese automaker manages to survive and even thrive. The reasons are not just a few and include text-book managing. A direct and relevant example is design – the models have great styling overall. Another example is the SkyActiv suite of powertrain technologies – spanning naturally aspirated, turbo , diesel and gearbox offerings, the range proved internal combustion engines are not last century yet.

Now, according to the latest report on the subject, Mazda is getting ready for the second generation SkyActiv-G engine which comes with the promise of a further 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption. According to Nikkei the achievement comes in the form of an engine that uses “pressure, not spark plugs, to ignite fuel.” It will come with homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) – in case you don’t talk technical this is a gasoline engine with diesel ignition system. The arrival should happen in time for the next generation 2018 Mazda3, with the report claiming the new engine would give the current Mazda3 mileage approaching 30 km per liter, according to estimates.” This would translate to 3.3 l/100 km and 70.5 miles per gallon – incredible figures for a compact model using a gasoline engine.

Via Nikkei