Report – 2018 VW Golf R getting a workout image

The Volkswagen Golf in US-Spec is preparing for the upcoming facelift that should take effect this summer – the 2018 model year of the German compact car will include both exterior and interior upgrades.

For example, the reworked North American model is getting a larger new infotainment screen directly taken from the new Atlas SUV. But fans could be more interested in getting the crunch numbers for the performance GTI and Golf R. According to a new report, the upgraded GTI will feature 10 extra horses (7 kilowatts), bringing the total to 220 (164 kW) for all versions, in line with the Sport trim. The gearbox will be modified with shorter gearing, and the front and rear bumpers will feature a completely different design. The Golf R, meanwhile, is not exactly adding power from the 292-horsepower (217-kW) output seen in the US. Instead it will bring some extra oomph to the Old Continent – from 292 to 306 hp (228 kW) via a turbo boost from 17.4 to 20.3 psi, complete with new software and wastage settings.

European owners will also get to choose an optional performance package, exclusive to the region, which includes an Akrapovic exhaust, a performance braking system, and bespoke alloy wheels. The updated European spec will have a maximum speed of 166 miles per hour (267 kilometers per hour), surpassing the North American version’s 155-mph (249 kph) figure. In addition, it seems the Golf lineup is dropping the entire family of two-door models, and the eighth generation will also come exclusively as a four-door hatchback and wagon.

Via Car and Driver