Report – 2019 BMW 3 Series coming up fresh image

The ubiquitous 3 Series family from BMW is coming to a conclusion in its current generation and we’re thus keeping an eye on reports surrounding the G20 next installment.

There’s also new competition on the block – such as the Jaguar XE or the Italian ruler of the Nurburgring, the Alfa Romeo Giulia – meaning it has to come up better not only than its traditional rivals, but also best new opponents. BMW’s engineers are doing exactly what they did with the 7 and 5 Series before that – allegedly – getting ready for a new lightweight platform that will lose around 88 pounds (40 kilograms) by using even more aluminum and even some carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). This is of course thanks to the switch to the CLAR platform.

Reports are also talking about improved power thanks to a new 0.5-liter engine kit, on average for the gas versions the gains stand at seven horsepower and 15 pound-feet (20 Newton-meters) of torque, with five percent lower emissions. The diesel entry-level 316d is also expected to surge from 113 to 134 hp and the 318d will jump to 160 hp. The ubiquitous 320d is going for 201 hp, while the 325d is surging to 234 hp – and again the engines will be more efficient by losing five percent CO2. BMW is also apparently going to bring new versions – M340i and M340d to gain new customers in between the regular and mighty M models.

Via Auto Motor und Sport