The first-generation Mercedes-AMG A45 is even crazier than the bonkers Ford Focus RS, but it will allegedly crank up the case for the second-generation iteration with a 400+hp power level.

Things are looking mighty for the A Class compact lineup of the German automaker – for the first time the range is going to be supplemented with an A sedan, and reports are discussing how the Mercedes-AMG A45 flagship version is going to lead the hot hatchback segment, in a bid to surpass the current Audi RS3. According to the report, the all-new A45 4Matic has been nicknamed the “Predator” inside the company, with the new all-wheel-drive hardcore hot hatchback coming with more than 400 hp and its own bespoke chassis setup. Allegedly, we’re not going to wait too long for its arrival – being set up for a 2019 premiere.

The current, four-year old 375 hp A45 is running the 62 mph/400 kph sprint in a mere 4.2 seconds, but it seems AMG is looking to move below the four second, supercar threshold. This is of course a response to the mega-hatchback rivalry – seeing the RS3 sedan with 400 hp now and with alleged development work for a BMW M2 CS. The A45’s M133 turbocharged 2.0-litre gasoline will remain, but with a complete retune – giving the four-cylinder the highest specific output of any AMG production car, more than 200 hp per liter. The first setup will come with a traditional exhaust gas-driven twinscroll turbocharger, but afterwards apparently AMG wants to bring a 48V electrical system with electric-driven turbocharger and electric motor in a hybrid set-up for even better performance.

Via Autocar


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