According to the latest rumor off the mill, the seventh generation development of the large luxury SL model has been taken over by the Mercedes-AMG division.

The model is allegedly sharing lots of components with the AMG GT, specifically the newly introduced Roadster variant. Apparently, according to sources with knowledge of the matter, the changeover has been impacted by Daimler’s need to lift economies of scale, which is not overly surprising when taking into account the large SL is not exactly your run of the mill profit deliverer. Apparently, aside from saving up a large chunk of money, Mercedes suing the AMG GT Roadster platform will also mean the SL will be ready faster than ever – with the seventh generation ready for prime time in 2019.

With Mercedes-AMG input, the new roadster will also come in tipping the scales at a far better figure than the current R231 generation thanks to switching to the GT’s carbon-fiber torque tube and aluminum body structure. It will also come with the same forged aluminum double wishbone suspension, albeit modified to suit the preferences of SL owners. Also getting a completely new code name of “R233,” the new SL will give up the metal top in favor of a lighter and more plush fabric roof.

Via Autocar


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