Report – 2020 Ford Bronco getting a removable roof image

Ford made the official announcement that its Ranger and Bronco monikers are making a comeback to the US in 2019 and 2020, respectively – and of course all fans are mostly interested in the latter.

Everyone has already sifted through all the details that are known – easier to do with the Ranger midsize pickup since this one is already available in other markets. The Bronco is trickier and more mysterious, but that doesn’t mean the rumor mill isn’t going to speculate – right up until the 2019 introduction as a 2020 model year. According to a recent report, the new Bronco will even have a feature called “Air Roof.” Similar to the classic it will mean the driver and passengers can get rid of the roof – meaning it could become a true contender to Jeep’s Wrangler.

The Air Roof feature will be composed of six modular roof panels that can be added and removed manually, and stored in the vehicle, which is about the same as Jeep uses in the Wrangler Renegade. Just like its competitor, the Bronco will also have fixed roof rails for added safety, and as far as we know it will be underpinned by a new version of the European T6 platform that is also used by the current Ranger.

  • Bug S Bunny

    The Bronco is getting a removable roof? Since that’s one of the things that makes a Bronco, a Bronco, that’s fantastic.