Report – According to Ghosn, Dacia could eventually build an electric model image

Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn sees scope for significant expansion of the EV market, as the electric cars will grow in popularity to such an extent that even budget brand Dacia will offer one eventually.

With an extensive EV program, the Renault Nissan Group has invested heavily in the development of their battery operated vehicle line-up: Nissan is globally offering the Leaf and Renault is pushing an all-electric line-up of vehicles (from the little Twizy to the commercial Kangoo EV).

“When demand is ready for this, we will be there,” Ghosn promised. “Obviously we are helping with demand by lowering the cost of electric cars and by signing agreements with cities across the world for electric cars.

“As cities get charging stations more people are going to come, and of course the cost of the cars will come down too. So there is nothing that forbids an electric Dacia car in the future. The day there is demand, of course, we will be able to produce it.”

Ghosn believes the arrival of the likes of VW and BMW to the electric car market can only be a good thing for Renault and Nissan, as it will raise interest, improve infrastructure and increase sales.

Via Autoexpress