The Japanese automaker might be looking to expand the family of the Acura / Honda NSX supercar with several versions – including one that’s lighter than the standard or a Type R.

According to the company, the Acura / Honda NSX is a model to consider if the driver for example wants something a little bit more than a Porsche 911 – which is keeping it optimistic. According to a recent interview with British media, NSX project chief Ted Klaus commented on the possibility of a NSX Type R arriving as a lighter, more powerful supercar. According to the executive any such model needs to be “the most focused version of any platform” and they intentionally “over-engineered” the NSX from the get go to make sure the platform is compatible with all kinds of versions – faster, lighter or using different powertrains. He commented on the fact that lightweight materials are “the general direction we wish to go” with the NSX and that could be derived in a “more pure, simplified version”.

There’s “an appetite for it” within the company because it’s “in some ways more straightforward” than others to begin with. He also hinted an open top NSX could be in the cards as well: “We can dream one day about it losing its top,” according to Klaus. But more reasonable to expect would be an all-electric NSX, considering the car used in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb this year, as Honda wanted to check up on torque vectoring, while also testing battery durability and power electronics. “There are other technical issues to solve, but that’s why we had one there,” he added.

Via Autocar


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