Report – After the BMW i8 Roadster comes the new i5 SUV image

The German automaker hasn’t abandoned its “i” sub-brand and will present the long-awaited i8 Roadster sometimes in 2018, followed by the much-debated i5 model, which according to the latest information is an all-electric SUV.

The fans of all-electric BMW offroad driving – if there are any already – will have to wait some time, because the latest intel suggests it won’t come before 2021. Earlier this year, Harald Krüger, chairman of the board of management at BMW AG, officially announced the next BMW i product would come in 2021, calling it ‘i Next’. He of course declined to share any information on the subject, except saying the model would be the “new spearhead of innovation and technology”. According to sources quoted by British media, the body style will be a very popular one – a sport utility vehicle.

Apparently the business case was that a crossover is not only hugely popular around the world today, but it also comes with wider profit margins than hatchbacks or sedans. The shape of an SUV is also great if you want to include a beefy battery pack and wish to deliver uncompromised proportions. Ian Robertson, the company’s chief of sales and marketing, has also confirmed the 2021 timeframe is used for “the next big steps in electric motor, battery and autonomy”.

Via Autocar