As the US automaker seems poised to change Mulally with its current COO Mark Fields later this year, the soon to be retired CEO will take over another important corporate position next, according to sources.

People with knowledge on the matter said, under condition of anonymity, that Ford is moving to soon announce Mark Fields as his successor because Mulally is close to securing a particular position – which hasn’t been detailed, but the two people did say the 68 year old executive is not considering retirement.

“He’s in a great position, having accomplished what he did in Detroit, to go anywhere he wants,” said Jim Press, who held executive positions at Chrysler and Toyota. “He could take the CEO role of another company or even a high-profile role in a company that had either trade associations or government relations. He could be very helpful in a private equity firm in terms of restructuring.”

The people added that Mulally intends to remain a competitive player in the corporate sector, with aim at establishing the importance of manufacturing and innovation in the US. Over his 45 years work experience, he became a specialist in management at Boeing and Ford, developed business ties with Asia and even advised President Barack Obama on international trading issues.

Via Bloomberg


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