Report – Alfa Romeo still wants nine new models to come by 2021 image

Alfa Romeo’s revival is again trailing the initial strategy, but it appears the company still has a nine model plan that could ensure survivability –with competitors for the Porsche Macan, Audi Q7 and BMW X1 on the line.

While the revival of the Alfa Romeo brand has been pretty much stale since the introduction of the Giulia sedan – which took “ages” in automotive speak to reach its buyers in Europe (US customers still waiting). But next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show the Italian brand is expected to showcase for the first time in front of the worldwide audience the Stelvio SUV. And this crossover should be the linchpin for the Italian marque’s new revival strategy that could deliver up to nine new cars on the market in the next half decade.

The Giulia has been well received on the markets it arrived, and with the Stelvio SUV set to reach dealerships next summer the brand’s new chief – Reid Bigland – is working on the plans that should deliver financial health. The manager, Alfa’s former chief for North America and the president of the Ram and Dodge brands was brought in to the troubled Alfa and Maserati brands earlier this year. “The reason people will buy our mid-sized SUV is because they will get blown away by the driving dynamics,” the boss quipped. “Every car Alfa makes must stand apart for that reason. This car will not disappoint.”

Via Autocar