Renault’s French subsidiary Alpine is on its way to a second birth, and the company is seemingly preparing to deliver an ambitious model strategy.

According to the latest report coming from British media, Alpine boss Michael van der Sande announced “a faster version [of the production version Alpine Vision Concept] looks like it would have potential, and I could imagine a beautiful convertible could be a possibility, but nothing is decided.” The latter sentence has been introduced in the equation because the executive worries the “young” brand needs lots of funds to deliver on its ideas. And that of course would hang in balance until the parent automaker gauges the critical and commercial success of the brand’s first model, coming out next year.

But if there’s any indication of van der Sande’s experience – who passed through marquees such as Bentley, Harley-Davidson, Tesla, and even Aston Martin – we could be looking at a whole bevy of Alpine products – including the convertible, RS models and even an SUV. In the long term the brand also wants to de-localize its interests – looking at the very big markets of China and the United States. The official also indicated the new sports car from Alpine is not just an Alfa Romeo 4C competitor as it has been pegged by specialists, with the first pre-production unit already completed and “in the factory, yes. All I will tell you is that it has soul, and that was one of our goals.”

Via Autocar


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