Report – Alpine to develop SUV as second model image

With the revived Alpine brand looking to cater for the premium sports car scene for Renault, rumors are swirling at the adopted model strategy that is said to try and rival Porsche.

With the modern A110 seen by specialists as a direct jab to Porsche’s Cayman, it’s no wonder the rumor mill has been going crazy about the possibility of the niche brand’s decision to introduce a first ever SUV in its range. This means the company might be looking to present a challenge for the Porsche Macan – the compact SUV revealed by the German company with the regular sporty traits and the ability to mesmerize families everywhere into turning it into the best-selling model of the brand. The Alpine French sports brand is looking towards a similar uptake – sporty aficionados with a purist side can have the A110, while families can have the new SUV.

Alpine is also going to make use of the expertise from within the group – the design should borrow cues from the A110 just like Alfa Romeo did with the Stelvio and Giulia – whereas the mechanics are plenty to choose among Nissan and Renault SUVs. The Alpine brand is expected to try and retain the sporty feel that is embedded in its DNA – the SUV should be light and even come with four-wheel steering for unmatched road performance.

Via Autoexpress