Report – Apple autonomous car program still alive…barely image

We’re pretty sure the chances of seeing the famed Apple logo on a car are slim to none, but it turns out the company hasn’t killed off its car program entirely.

According to the latest rumor, Apple is indeed no longer working on becoming an automaker, with the tech giant still working on pieces of automotive technology. From previous reports we know that Apple joined forces with certain suppliers – such as Magna Steyr – that was at one time attached to handle production. Now it turns out the giant has turned to another huge company – Robert Bosch – and while neither is spilling the beans on what they’re developing together, according to the media the Bosch office where Apple has sent its employees is involved with the development of sensors and electronic control units.

This means that aside from keeping a relationship with a major supplier in the auto industry is allowing the Silicon Valley giant to keep up with the latest developments in the segment it also implies other developments. For example autonomous technologies – because we’re pretty sure they don’t need Bosch’s help for the continued development of the CarPlay smartphone mirroring system. Apple has been rumored to work on sensors and software for autonomous driving ever since the rumors came out about its newly formed automotive division being disbanded.

Via Automotive News