Report – Apple has set its eyes on BMW’s i3 for its electric car effort image

With Apple’s reported development of an electric vehicle seriously rocking both the tech and automotive world, there are new details surfacing on the matter on a regular basis.

The latest piece of missing information comes from a recent report in German media, that called Apple very interested in a collaboration with BMW and seriously exploring the design of the German luxury leader’s i3 electric vehicle. Apple showed it was “interested” in the “body” of the BMW i3 electric vehicle, according to a report coming from Germany’s Manager magazine. The reports for the development of Apple’s own electric car have been around for months, but this is the first instance that BMW, the leading luxury automaker of the world, has come up as a possible model for the Apple vehicle design. Green Car Reports has pointed out the two companies have been partners for years: BMW was the first auto brand to offer iPod recognition embedded into its models more than a decade ago. “The BMW i3 battery-electric car is not only highly advanced technologically — with its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body shell — but the most energy efficient vehicle sold in the U.S. today,” commented Green Car Reports.

The German media rumor states the first encounters happened “in late autumn” last year but were severed, though the two companies still decided to keep talking. Apple chief executive officer and several other top Apple managers even visited the i3 production facility in Leipzig, Germany, the magazine added. Arguably the world’s most important technology giant, Apple has never made any moves to publicly comment on plans to develop, build and market its own automobile.

Via Forbes