Report – Apple iCar seen as a threat to the automotive industry image

While there are plenty of disruptors moving their way inside the automotive industry right now – Tesla, Google and others, for example – many experts consider Apple as the biggest threat above else.

It all started with the rumors that Apple has an ambitious and secretive project for a car – and we already know that looking at a rumor concerning Apple we need to treat it almost as a given fact. The most interesting theory is that Apple is looking to create a vehicle that would revolutionize personal mobility. Apparently billions of dollars have been thrown into research and development, more than 1000 people work on the project and there are mysterious workshops – the Apple iCar seems to be a poorly kept secret after all. But most interesting is the premise that it will revolutionize personal mobility – with technologies that would alter our perception of a car.

That would be a huge achievement – since Apple didn’t do that since way back when they presented the first iPhone and iPad. It appears sources are talking now about the project as one that has been greenlit by the top brass. Apparently the company is already hard at work testing a fleet of Dodge Caravan prototypes – sighted at the GoMentum Station, a former naval base in San Francisco with over 20 miles of paved streets and used by carmakers for tests. Here the company is testing autonomous driving tech, which could be considered for the “iCar” – as everyone has nicknamed the model.

Via Autocar