Report – Apple kills car project, only autonomous unit remains image

According to the latest rumor off the mill, the highly publicized and anticipated car project from Apple has been axed, with hundreds of employees being let go and only the autonomous tech unit still doing research.

The technology behemoth seems to have decided not to go ahead with the widely anticipated car project, with hundreds of people being fired or moved to other divisions. The issues that led to the project’s untimely demise apparently include a not so clear advancement strategy, leaderships changes and supply chain problems – so Apple has reportedly re-evaluated the focus on building a complete car from the ground up. It appears the only unit sill working is one focusing on necessary software and sensors for autonomous driving, as reported by sources.

It appears, according to the sources, Apple executives have decided to allow the last team until late next year to prove the self-driving system and the recent switch in focus has led to the demise of more than 120 software engineers and hundreds of hardware engineers who were developing the vehicle. “It was an incredible failure of leadership,” an anonymous source told Bloomberg. The business also reportedly had issues finding the components partners willing to meet Apple’s terms – the signs of the things to come were actually appearing since earlier this year. First there were reports of the vehicle being delayed from 2019 to 2021 and then layoffs started, while top managers also exited the project throughout the year.

Via Bloomberg