Report – Apple working on Augmented Reality app for your car image

The eager rumor mill has found out what Apple has been doing lately in relation with their much debated car project, and according to a patent they could be working on augmented reality technologies.

This newly patented app might be able to superimpose nav and POI info onto an iPhone screen, which is not something really spectacular before considering how easy this can be transferred to the larger screen of your car using the Apple CarPlay app. Apple has been granted a patent for an iPhone-based augmented reality mapping system that could also be used through its Apple CarPlay. On the mobile device, the system uses the device’s camera to take a live image and offer information – the most basic design is offering street and building names, as well as points of interest. The more advanced version also has GPS navigation data used to display route guidance information with turn indicators superimposed on a love image.

The system could also easily send everything to a car’s infotainment system via Apple CarPlay. It could even be possible to use it with a head-up display, thus making a section of the windshield a larger augmented reality screen. Apple is not the only one having this idea – Jaguar Land Rover has been trying the “Virtual Windscreen” since 2014, offering a large array of information, depending on the application.

Via Apple Insider; AppleCar Fans