While the US technology firm remains utterly secretive about its upcoming automotive project, a recent report is calling for a delay in the development process, with the launch dialed back to 2021.

According to the report – which comes from an unnamed source that had a small stint on the development team – Apple has decided to delay a bit the moment when your iPhone and iPad would be docked in an Apple-branded wheeled power source. Previous reports were all adamantly optimistic as they all called for the introduction of the rumored car at the turn of the decade or even before in 2019. We already heard that Apple’s auto development is supposed to be operational under the codename Project Titan. In addition, the car is supposed to be powered by electricity and even have a certain level of autonomous capabilities. The company for now is apparently actively searching for a research and development center location, with prospective locations scouted in San Francisco.

The technology company has numerous partners it could use, included automotive-related. Anyways, as is customary for Apple, once the design is ready, a partner will handle the production duties – in this case all eyes are pointed towards Magna Steyr and its Austrian production facilities. Apple is also rumored to eschew the Tesla feat of establishing its own dealership network – instead the car would be exclusively available through a car-sharing project.

Via Engadget


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