Report – Apple’s vehicle being developed in very secret German laboratory image

According to a German publication, Apple’s overhyped car is currently being cooked up in a hush hush laboratory located in Berlin, Germany.

We’re seriously wondering about the credibility of this report since Apple is a well known Silicon Valley company with numerous development centers in the area. Additionally, numerous automakers have already deployed workforces there and we’re now looking at the zone as an incubator for the automotive industry as well. Anyways, with many details speculated on Apple’s Project Titan since we learned of its secret existence, we’re treated here to more juicy details. According to the German publication, which quotes unnamed sources, the so-called Apple iCar is being cooked up by just 15-20 engineers with knowledge in the fields of software, hardware, engineering and even sales.

This Berlin laboratory is being used mostly as a think tank, with actual production duties relegated to Magna in Austria – though no one else knows about this contract between the US company and the Austrian contract manufacturer. The rumor mill is spilling more or less incredible details about the Apple car on a daily basis, with rumors ranging from the persons implicated to the iCar beign actually based on the platform of the BMW i3 since Apple CEO Tim Cook visited back in 2014 the BMW headquarters and Leipzig manufacturing location where the CFRP model is being constructed.

Via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung