Report – Aston Martin confirms details about mid-engined sports car image

The Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie is already on the way to meet competition from Mercedes-AMG’s Project One, so the British automaker is now focusing on the lower part of the sports lineup.

The UK marque has already officially confirmed it will deliver a brand new mid-engined sports car that will fend off competition from the Ferrari 488 and McLaren 720S, and it’s now reportedly revealing more details about it. During a recent interview CEO Andy Palmer has reconfirmed the sports car has been green lit, looking to harvest the experience from the “innovation partnership” between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Formula 1.

Aston Martin is looking to add seven new models by 2023, following the introduction of the DB11 family, with the Vanquish and Vantage coming down for new generations and the automaker also paving the way for a first ever SUV. “The majority of luxury sports-car manufacturers sit in that space,” commented Palmer. “Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren are all there. When you talk about a two-seat sports car with this level of performance, they are all in that space.” Aston’s growing implication in Formula One means only one thing – the mid-engine sports car will surely benefit from the advances seen there, and might even skip the large V8 and V12 engines in favor of a hybrid setup with a V6 at its core.

Via Car and Driver