According to a recent interview with Aston Martin’s chief executive officer, Andy Palmer, the world will get another chance to experiment the hardcore Vulcan as the automaker has decided to greenlight a road car conversion kit.

The catch is the conversion job is not going to be handled by Aston Martin itself – only the development process – and the external partner will be engineering company RML. They will handle the exclusive task of taking the Vulcan beast off the race tracks and make it street legal. This package is currently in the development stage and we can see how Aston Martin is going to have a very limited affluence of customers for it – remember the Vulcan is only being produced by Aston Martin as a 24 units series priced at £1.8 million ($2.59 million) each. According to the rumor mill, chances are the conversion kit will also come with a hefty price tag, a six-figure sum being currently tossed around.

Thos willing to pay the price may already know it’s going to take up to three months and will try to make the beast more nimble on public roads. And as such some modifications – ride height, gear ratios, – may need to occur, while RML is also going to work on the safety issues. That’s because the Vulcan needs to meet the safety requirements in the owner’s country and Aston and RML already believe four or five cars would come to the garage for the conversion.

Via Autocar


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