The iconic British automaker rekindled one of its storied nameplates back in 2015 when it released the luxurious limited series Lagonda saloon.

Now the company has huge plans to become a more active player in the stratosphere of the auto industry – for example we learned they are devising a strategy to bring an entire family of mid-engine sports car into the range. Now we find out – from the rumor mill, again – they might be devising a similar plan for the Lagonda nameplate. It appears CEO Andy Palmer believes the Lagonda name is powerful enough to be cast upon an entire range of super-luxury sedans. Just like the Valkyrie and its rumored smaller brothers would fight off the hypercars and supercars of the world, the Lagonda fleet of luxury sedans, Palmer hopes, would compete with models from Bentley and Rolls-Royce, as well as Mercedes-Maybach.

“I think Lagonda can be a hugely credible brand in that part of the market,” Palmer said. “We know how to make cars handle, we know how to make them luxurious, and we have already made and sold sedans.” This probably means it’s retirement time for the Rapide four-door sedan, its place being taken either by the new DBX crossover in 2019 or the first new entry in the Lagonda series.

Via Car and Driver


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