Report – Aston Martin planning Lagonda sedan image

According to various reports and rumors coming from industry insiders, quoted by the UK press, British luxury brand Aston Martin is on its way to revive the coveted Lagonda moniker, through a sedan model.

The British luxury marque Lagonda was established in 1906 and the 108-year old brand has been in the possession of Aston Martin since after the World War II, acquiring it in1947. Wilbur Gunn, an American that set up a workshop in England and built his first car in 1909, founded the brand. The name LAgonda comes from a river that was flowing in the vicinity of the founder’s hometown of Springfield, Ohio, USA. In its good days, Lagonda posed a legitimate threat to Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but for the last 25 years or so, the nameplate was only remembered by Aston’s full official company name – Aston Martin Lagonda.

According to the various reports, the new sedan bearing the revived nameplate would not follow in the styling direction proposed by the 2009 Geneva auto show Lagonda SUV concept – which was heavily criticized at the moment of the unveiling. Instead, although the exterior styling is not yet set in stone, the general proportions of the new model should follow closely those of the last Lagonda model, a 1976-90 sedan.

Via Automotive News Europe