The two partners have been pretty mysterious about the forthcoming AM-RB 001 supercar, which is also being developed through contribution from Adrian Newey.

But according to a recent interview with the British brand’s chief designer Marek Reichman, we now have knowledge regarding some of the model’s secrets. For example, the styling chief says the model will reach 250 miles per hour (402 kilometers per hour) and have a crazy, 4.5G cornering capability. He also added the AM-RB 001’s special naturally aspirated V12 engine with 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) will be no larger than seven liters. There’s also a wider V-angle than the 60-degree design in Aston Martin’s current 5.2-liter biturbo 12-cylinder for the DB 11 enabling a lower assembly height and in return a lower center of gravity. The bespoke, single-clutch sequential gearbox will come from Xtrac.

Reichman also talked about the engine’s Formula One inspired kinetic energy recovery system as being akin to “a big capacitor” – delivering an 80-hp (60kW) boost and short periods of full electric mobility. Additionally, he explained the AM-RB001 concept is “95 percent the final car,” with the changes having to do with enhancements for the engine cooling and overall aerodynamics. Aston Martin is also going to tailor the cockpit according to the owner’s build – with the seat fixed first and then the steering and pedals moved into place.

Via Motoring


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