The development team are looking for reinforcements and the hiring credentials are lending more and more weight to the rumors that AM-RB001’s powertrain will be of the hybrid variety.

The employee search doesn’t seem to be very much a secret – it was listed under the title “AM-RB 001 Engineers” and the rest of the rumors are also pointing towards a semi-active suspension, as well. For now we were told the hypercar would deploy a new naturally aspirated V12 that would be less than 5.2-liters and able to spool up to 11, 000 rpms. The total projected power display would be in the 900 to 1, 000 horsepower area. The specifications are also most likely possible via some sort of electric assistance – the company is looking for mechanical design engineers specialized in “automotive drivetrain integration – including hybridization”.

And they are also in the lookout for a controls engineer and electronics engineer with hybrid experience. The controls engineer position also requires the person to have experience with semi-active suspensions. A careful integration of the suspension setup with he active aerodynamic elements should go a long way towards the final goal of beating a Formula One car on the track. Aston Martin will manufacture 99 units of the AM-RB001 at the price of no less than one million pounds and the automaker and its Austrian partner could also bring forth some track-exclusive examples.

Via Red Bull Racing, ESPN via Motor Trend


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