Report – Aston Martin’s mid-engined supercar coming in 2022 image

This isn’t the limited edition AM-RB 001 hypercar developed in cooperation with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, but a model that will bear the fruits of that collaboration.

The new mid-engined Aston Martin will be developed with expertise from the AM-RB 001, as an “affordable” supercar designed to go against the Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracán, McLaren 650S and the reported new series from Porsche. The model will actually be the last one to arrive in the Second Century plan of the company – which has the ambitious goal of delivering seven cars in just as many years – beginning with the all-new generation of the DB11 this year. The model is now rumored – according to the latest report flying off the mill – to be ready for a 2022 introduction, complete with a mid-mounted V8 and inspiration from the AM-RB 001.

Another creative source of ideas might be the 2014 Design Prototype 100 (DP-100) concept car that was made for the renowned Gran Turismo Challenge, which saw many automakers answer the call of delivering prototypes to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the popular Gran Turismo video game series. The rumor is also calling for Red Bull’s star engineer Adrian Newey to be in for this project as well, though if everything goes well the company will first introduce the new generations of the Vantage and Vanquish, a new SUV based on the DBX and a batch of Lagonda models.

Via Autocar