The Ingolstadt-based automaker is just about ready to finally send to the retirement home the third evolution of the A8 flagship and we’re getting more and more details about the all-new generation.

With the facelifted Mercedes-Benz S Class already pushing hard the envelope on autonomous driving technology, the Audi A8 is reportedly coming with even better features. Allegedly, the technology found inside will allow for Level 3 SAE autonomous driving, though customers won’t be able to actually use it unless regulation changes to legally allow the A8 to make use of all of its range of self-driving technologies. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, Level 3 is “conditional automation” – it can perform steering, acceleration, and deceleration on its own.

In SAE’s own words it means: “operational (steering, braking, accelerating, monitoring the vehicle and roadway) and tactical (responding to events, determining when to change lanes, turn, use signals, etc.) aspects of the driving task, but not the strategic (determining destinations and waypoints) aspect of the driving task.” The driver is still expected to take control of the car if need be, with the highest level of autonomy being Level 5. Apparently, the “Traffic Jam Pilot” of the A8 will be of use in “certain conditions” at speeds of up to 35 mph (56 kph), allowing “drivers the option to turn over steering, throttle, and braking functionality to the vehicle.”

Via Automotive News


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