Report – Audi and Lamborghini to look into supercar electrification image

It appears that since the flagship executive of the Italian brand has a new name – Stefano Domenicali – and following the Dieselgate aftermath, there are chances of seeing an electric Lambo.

According to the latest report, the new CEO is showing a growing interest in the prospective of delivering an electric supercar to the market – as the parent Volkswagen Group is fully pushing towards electrification across its various brands. “Electrification is an area of great attention for us, but I’m not expecting it will happen in the short term,” Domenicali commented during an interview on the sidelines of the Geneva auto show. “We need to be realistic,” meaning it won’t happen as fast as the apparition of the Mission E production car from Porsche.

So far the Italian exotic brand has confirmed it will produce a plug in hybrid version of the Urus, its first SUV since the LM002, that should be out and about in 2020. But the proposed electric supercar would appear around 2025, if it gets approved. Meanwhile, Audi is apparently preparing a response for the arrival of the Mercedes-AMG Project One and Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie – as Audi CEO Rupert Stradler has revealed that an electric or hybrid hypercar might arrive as fast as the end of the decade.

Via Autocar, Automotive News