Report – Audi might be looking to deliver a four-door coupe A3 image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker is looking to expand the range to an astonishing 60 individual models by the turn of the decade, so the company is naturally looking into every other niche.

According to the latest vibe off the rumor mill, one of the possible niche offerings will be an A3 “four-door coupe” that will take shape when the compact model will undergo the generational change – most likely sometimes in 2019. Apparently the executives over in Ingolstadt think there’s more room to grow in the A3 lineup, even though the company already has a regular A3 sedan on offer. Naturally the main differences between the two would be subtle – the new coupe coming with a sleeker side profile, a steeper roofline and sportier cues.

Apparently the main design cues will come from the 2014 TT Sportback concept, and just like every other member of the next generation A3, it will have the same evolution of the VW Group’s flexible MQB platform underneath. Apparently the new iteration will have more lightweight materials to shed up to 110 pounds (50 kilograms) when discussing the next generation Golf, so we could be looking at the same diet for the Audi counterpart. The A3 is expected to become slightly larger and have some trickled down tech from the incoming A8 flagship, as well as plug in hybrid and even possible EV versions.

Via Auto Express