A new patent registration from the Ingolstadt-based automaker explains how the company aims to achieve reduced tailpipe emissions for vehicles using both an electric motor and a combustion engine.

The new idea refers to a new way of driving – by selecting the hybrid vehicle’s most efficient navigation route – but also the system is dynamic and can adjust based on the model’s current operation mode and the future predictions. Audi’s hybrid-oriented navigation system would survey the route and then plan to maximize the efficiency and use of the electric motor for the selected course. The drivetrain’s status is also taken into account, so the possibilities could differ if the route involves either a fully charged battery or one that needs topping out soon. In that instance, the technology takes into account the best ways for the combustion engine to recharge the battery and adjust the route to max that feature as well.

The system is also designed smart – the navigation settings could offer the drive the option to solely rely on the battery or a combination of ICE and EV, with the owner even able to select a point from where the vehicle would only use the electric motor. Audi’s patent is not for autonomous vehicles alone, and given that humans don’t necessarily do as the computer says, the system would again adapt if the EV range changes along the route. According to Audi, plug in hybrid owners, especially, “ideally want to cover the entire route with electric driving capability.”

Via United States Patent and Trademark Office


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