This is not so much speculation but common sense – a new tech has been introduced on a flagship model and now we hear rumors about it reaching down towards the “lesser” models.

Audi unleashed a regular beast – of the Hulk nature – when it presented the SQ7. Now it appears the 48V electric compressor turbocharging technology will also be deployed on the next-generation SQ5. That alone should bring more power than even the current generation 335-hp SQ5 plus – according to the company’s powertrain boss Oliver Hoffman, the new generation model should come up with as much as 390 hp (291 kW), though the version churning out of the factory lines will most likely deliver around 365-370 hp in order to get a prolonged life out of the powerful powertrain. Also, instead of the current model’s two turbochargers, the all-new model is keeping just one working in tandem with the electric compressor in order to eschew the turbo lag and also increase fuel economy.

Again from the larger SQ7, the new SQ5 will also gain the proprietary Audi Valvelift System (AVS). Since the new generation Q5 is not yet out we can safely assume we’re in for the long haul waiting for the sporty SQ5, which is not expected to show its face until at least 2018. The regular Q5 might be showcased during the Paris Motor Show in October, with a lighter platform thanks to the MLB Evo architecture. It also appears the TDI moniker isn’t going away any time soon, especially for models sold in Europe even though VW is suffering dearly from the troubled Dieselgate scandal.



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