According to an insider information, a report coming from Automotive News Europe claims that Volkswagen Group’s first plug-in hybrid diesel powertrain would be used in the Audi Q7 sport-utility.

The unidentified source, who asked to remain anonymous because the decision has not been made public officially yet, said that after debuting in 2015 with traditional gasoline and diesel powertrains, the Q7 would also later on use for the first time a plug-in hybrid diesel setup – the model being then offered in both Europe and the United States. The move towards a plug-in diesel hybrid solution could give the second largest luxury automaker an edge over its main rivals. Currently, both BMW and Mercedes-Benz use the more traditional setup of mating a gas engine to a plug-in powertrain.

Additionally, the new Q7 plug-in diesel would only be the second offering of the type in Europe, where Swedish automaker Volvo started selling last year a variant of the V60 station wagon – the plug-in diesel version has already sold more than 10,000 units – starting at a price of 56,200 euros in Germany.

Earlier in the summer Audi development chief Ulrich Hackenberg announced the company’s option towards a plug-in diesel hybrid setup for the A8 and Q7 – but didn’t reveal which model would go on sale first.

Via Automotive News Europe


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