Report – Bentley confirms no Mulsanne Convertible on tow image

Bentley’s CEO Wolfgang Schreiber revealed that the Mulsanne convertible concept shown privately at last year’s Pebble Beach Concours would not be produced after all.

Speaking to Car and Driver at last week’s Frankfurt auto show, Schreiber said that a lack of demand for such a product has scuttled the plans for the new model. “We will not do that car, ” he said.

“The demand for a Mulsanne convertible is just regional, ” Schreiber said. “So if it would come, it would be very successful in the U.S. and maybe some regions in Europe, but I think that will not be enough demand for a good business case.”

Bentley sold 1169 Mulsannes in 2012, so pouring money into engineering and certifying a model that likely wouldn’t top more than a couple of hundred sales annually doesn’t make much sense. We should also remember that Bentley is placing a significant amount of its R&D dollars behind its forthcoming SUV. While Bentley does have the financial backing of the VW Group, the brand can’t support two significant simultaneous investments, and the SUV will post far larger sales numbers than would a droptop Mulsanne.

Via Car and Driver