Report: Bentley preparing street-legal Continental GT3 image

Bentley will build a road-going version of the new Continental GT3 race car, a senior source told Autocar magazine.

The street-legal Continental GT3 will most likely feature four-wheel drive, a 700-horsepower W12 engine and a partly stripped down yet luxurious interior.

The car would replace the old Supersports model in the Bentley range and would have a similar price of just under 200,000 pounds (roughly $323,000 at current exchange rates). Bentley plans to build the Continental GT3 in a limited production run of about 300 cars which will be built during a year in 2014-2015.

Although the Bentley race car is rear-wheel drive with a rear-mounted transaxle gearbox, the road car is likely to keep the permanent four-wheel drive system that features on all current Continental models, a senior source told Autocar.

Race car elements such as the massive rear wing and the aerodynamic package will be adapted for road use, while the interior won’t feature a roll cage, because it’s considered too extreme for Bentley users.

As for the engine, Bentley could choose between the twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 and the newer twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, with most insiders favoring the former as it is the Continental’s flagship engine.