According to the latest rumor flying off the mill, the Spanish automaker is fully decided to partake in the SUV craze, with the Ateca compact already out, a subcompact crossover in preparation and now a rumored larger SUV coming in 2020.

The company’s UK chief, Richard Harrison, has apparently hinted towards the possible production of a bigger SUV placed above the Ateca – the model being considered for production at the turn of the decade. Seat is mulling such a model and that’s understandable. BY the time the Spanish company will go out with the bigger SUV they would already have available the next generation platform of the upcoming Touareg. The model appears to have been previewed by the Seat 20V20 concept car – which also served as the teaser for the Seat Ateca – which is going to fight its way to the top in a decidedly crowded segment, rivaling models such as the Nissan Qashqai.

The manager believes the predicted growth linearity of the brand, supported by the new generation Ibiza and the introduction of the two compact and subcompact SUVs will bring the needed financial health. “There’s a healthy debate going on as to where we go next,” commented Harrison. “Today we sell cars that cover 52% of the market, by the end of 2017 that will be 80%. The large SUV is interesting. But on reflection, it will push us up to a price point that is currently unfamiliar for our customers.” In turn, he believes the brand is not going to deliver any convertible models – though Cupra versions of the SUVs are entirely possible.

Via Autocar


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