Report – BMW also plans an electric Mini image

Although until now an electric Mini was only released for trials, it looks like the premium German parent BMW also wants its little Minis to be electric equipped, to better compete in the segment.

According to BMW brand manager Peter Schwarzbauer, the total derivatives of the Mini brand could go up to ten from the current seven-models line-up, as “Due to the vehicle architecture, we can expand to eight to ten derivatives.”

Additional sales potential for the BMW Mini show promising signs in particular in China, but also in the USA, both already the largest market for small cars. “The Chinese are just discovering the smaller segments. The time for the Mini is thus yet to come,” commented Schwarzbauer.

And as both China and the USA heavily promote on an official level the electrification of cars, it is only logical that BMW would further enter the segment – besides its own “i” brand, also with the very hip Mini models.

“The electrification of a conventional and small vehicle like the Mini is a challenging task. It fits perfectly with the brand, and I am convinced that we will offer a suitable solution, “said BMW brand manager Peter Schwarzbauer.

Via Automobil Produktion