Report – BMW coming up with spicy summer introductions: M140i and M240i image

The Bavarian automaker is not only thinking about its upper part of the range, where the new 7 Series sits and the upcoming new generation 5 Series is making the headlines.

As it turns out from the latest report doing the rounds of the rumor mill, the automaker is going to spice up things this summer by introducing the hottish M140i and M240i, both vehicles being expected to carry inside the 3.0 engine from the 340i. According to sources, joining the already impressive roster of the brand are the M140i hatch and M240i Coupe/Convertible. They both follow up down the range in the footsteps of the recently introduced 340i and X4 M40i. But while both models have 326 hp under the hood, the M140i and M240i will spice things even further and these two versions will come with an additional power boost of 15 horsepower (11 kilowatts) for a grand total of 340 hp (250 kW).

The M140i and M240i will sport the Euro 6 compliant 3.0-liter all-aluminum mill in lieu of the 3.0 turbocharged unit of the M135i/M235i predecessors. The very hot M235i was already doing the 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) sprint in five seconds flat, meaning the new 40i version will trample even further inside sports car territory with an acceleration time of 4.8-4.9 seconds. Of course, the transmission choices are simple: rear wheel drive mated to a six speed manual or the ubiquitous eight-speed ZF automatic transmissions. The M140i is expected to remain an European exclusive, while the M240i will also make the trip across the ocean to US showrooms.

Via BMW Blog