Report – BMW could produce Mini cars in Mexico image

It has been already well known and reported that the No.1 luxury automaker in the world, BMW Group, is preparing for a production boost in North America through a new Mexico or US factory.

While until now the models to be built there were of the namesake BMW brand – namely the 1 and 3 series – now, following a German newspaper report it turns out that some Minis could be produced there as well.

Until now, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has already all but confirmed the intention of the Group to set up an additional manufacturing facility in the region, though he didn’t specify if the company favors the US or Mexico as the final location.

The report, coming from Handelsblatt now says the automaker’s executives seem more inclined towards the Mexican scenario, with the company ultimately planning to locally produce the smallest of the company’s cars there – both Minis and the compact BMWs are earning for the company less money – and circumventing the import scenario would boost earnings margins.

BMW is also working on increasing annual production capacity for the plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina it already has, which produces its SUV models, with a target of 450,000 cars per year – following the introduction of the largest model of the company, the X7.

Via Automotive News Europe