Report – BMW exec dismisses Z5 moniker image

The successor of the niche Z4 roadster has been ramping up the imagination of BMW fans and others for years, especially since the German company admitted it was developing the new generation along with Toyota.

Many speculations also revolved around the name of the model – not only its performance that should be a match for the Supra name on the other side of the development pool. BMW Americas boss, Ludwig Willisch, has recently stated during a media interview that the company’s new sports car will not switch to the Z5 moniker, even saying “that’s something that someone else has made up.” The current Z4 has been retired since August last year but looks set to live on with the new generation, because Willisch said “it will be called Z… probably 4,” when asked about the new model’s nameplate.

The executive became much vaguer when asked interesting questions – such as what type of powertrains should be expected from the all-new model: “I would call it a Z4 [and] that’s no indication of the number of cylinders.” This means we should be expecting at least one version with an inline-six engine, though smaller four cylinders are most likely a definite trait as well. The new Z4 is allegedly prepared for a premiere later this year and production will be taken care next to the Toyota version at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria.

Via Auto Guide